Module 1: Safety at work
Objective Unit 1
Unit 1: Overview


This module aims to raise awareness among pest control workers and employers about the issues of health management. Thus, increases the willingness to participate on duty. With the workplace hazards, everyone has health, illness and extensive experience. These experiences accompany our own everyday lives and shape our own health and behavior. Therefore, the planned action with health-related goals requires the reflection of their own experiences.

Key questions:
Which is your experience related to health and disease?
When do you feel healthy? What helps you to feel healthy?
How do you manage to have a healthy everyday life?
Has any relation your awareness of your health and your business?

Discussing for the “Safety at work”

The methodological approach is comprised of three aspects, all of which are essential for successful learning:

  • Dialogue - It is necessary to clarify the participants' expectations and experiences.
  • Asking questions - The mediation of the content is based on the participant experience.
  • Secure results - The responses of participants are properly grouped. The final results are photographically documented.

This approach ensures that the participating entrepreneurs develop a relation to the contents and themes and apply them to every-day trade reality. Country and company specific characteristics are easily recognized and taken into account.

Key questions:
Which positive experiences and accomplishments regarding the safety at work and occupational health management already exist in my company?
Which risks and hazards are recognizable?
Which resources can I generate to solve the problem?
Which ideas have already been developed in my organization to address the risks and hazards?
How can the staff become involved in the process of change, so that these processes will become more participatory and motivating?


Basic data will be collected by a baseline study during pilot workshops.

The training starts with a questionnaire for the evaluation of the trainees regarding pest control. The same questionnaire will be distributed at the end of the workshop in order to evaluate the impact of the pilot workshop (education impact).

Each workshop ends with an additional short questionnaire completed both by trainees and trainers. The aim of this questionnaire is to evaluate the workshop benefit and their satisfaction. Every participant will be able to give also a brief verbal feedback about the entire training, if possible in one sentence.

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